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About the Book

Hucksterville is the zany story of a recovering alcoholic, currently homeless woman’s bizarre attempt to re-enter the ultra-competitive advertising business with the ultimate goal of owning her own agency.  The first step to get out of her cardboard box is to accept a job at Tight Fit Athletics. 

Maxwell Foreskin, the CEO of Tight Fit, has a problem: He’s a horrible, absolutely incompetent asshole. Tight Fit desperately needs a new ad campaign, but their advertising agency just fired his recently inherited company. When his marketing staff convince him to create their own in-house agency, Max insists that it be done yesterday.

A former madam, recently turned job recruiter, takes on the task of assembling a team of creatives for Tight Fit. Due to the unreasonable deadline, she settles for any warm body she can uncover. Soon she’s assembled a bizarre team that includes the recently sober homeless woman, a man who can’t stop shouting crude language, a hopelessly confused cross dresser, a psychologist recently released from a mental institution, and two men with the same name, one of whom has some serious flatulence issues.

The new ad team creates some brilliant work despite its quirkiness due primarily to the strength and determination of the homeless woman. But Max is a complete moron. He has no understanding of the basics of either business or communications. His constant meddling includes ordering the inclusion of a sexually inappropriate idea in their advertising. Just one of his many goofy ideas that could ruin the company.

Will the team be able to control Foreskin’s idiotic behavior and retain their jobs? Will Max’s CFO Helen, the only one who has any control over him, have to get out her riding crop? Will the homeless woman realize her dream? Or will a grisly murder change the game?

It’s one hilariously ridiculous situation after another as the Tight Fit Athletics ad team tries to pull off the tightest deadline ever.

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