Hucksterville Reviews

Loved it! This book totally had Ron’s voice and the story line kept me reading. Lots of strong women and the obligatory uncharitable men who got put in their place. And with the typical (maybe slightly exaggerated, but mostly pretty spot on!) client and agency dynamics intertwined. Highly recommended.

— Kindle Edition

April 8, 2020

All of Ron’s books are wonderful! He is a true legend in the advertising industry and brings his wonderful writing to this great novel. Hucksterville, as all his other books, shows the fun characters in the creative advertising world. His brilliance shines through on every page. A wonderful read! I look forward to many more great novels with Ron’s exciting, colorful and genius writing.

— Kindle Edition

April 7, 2020

Having previously read Ron Elgin’s Huckster, I was provided an insightful and often humorous look into the advertising industry, and into one of the industry’s most successful executives and agency. I believe astute marketing and communications professors should include Huckster as required reading for all their marketing and communication students.

So, I was very excited to learn of Hucksterville, a novel. Hucksterville is an entertaining, humorous story, set in the same creative industry, with a crazy cast of characters, many of whom the author has given unbelievably funny names. The story will keep you captivated from start to finish and will keep you smiling and laughing to the end. A “Zany Novel” for sure. I loved it! Well done Ron Elgin.

— Kindle Edition

April 4, 2020

Ex-adman Ron Elgin’s first work of fiction is a bullseye—hitting right in the center of hilarious, outrageous, irreverent and flippant. The cheeky “Hucksterville” will hold you helplessly captive, turning pages both back and forth, checking what you just read in disbelief. Your stomach will ache from laughter. A protagonist named Max Foreskin; a man with Tourette’s Syndrome; a crossdresser—Elgin can write. The movie version has to star Steve Martin and Martin Short.

— Patti Payne

Columnist Puget Sound Business Journal, keynoter, business owner/ The Payne Group

No one tells a story like Ron Elgin. In his previous two books Elgin pulled back the curtain on his phenomenally successful career as one of advertising’s iconic figures to share the true stories that would make Don Draper blush. In Hucksterville, he removes the constraints of fact checking and pens his first work of fiction. I’ve always considered Elgin to be one of the most engaging, funny people I know. Now that he has written fiction, I find out he’s even funnier. Hucksterville is a whimsical, fun page turner paired with a unique insight into the world advertising. Enjoy.

— Scott Battishill

Founder and CEO of Curator, and 10-Percent Media

Once again, Elgin hits it out of the park with a hilarious look at life at Ground Zero in the ad agency business.  More please!

— Tom Phillips

Senior Marketing Executive

Hucksterville is like no novel you’ve ever read before. It’s like The Office on steroids, complete with crazy creative types who somehow pull off creating an ad agency against all odds. Elgin is a master at creating humor that even at its most ridiculous will have you laughing out loud while wondering how he manages to be so witty. Anyone who has ever worked in a dysfunctional company will find this novel excellent therapy.

— Tyler R. Tichelaar

PhD, award-winning author of Narrow Lives, and corporate America survivor